2022, American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Student Design Award 2022, Chapter Miami, of my Study Abroad BARCELONA, Spain, Summer Semester Comprehensive Studio at FIU Miami Student Barbara Camelia for winning the Category Design Award. URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/CkQsWEUuv7y/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
2010, USGBC Natural Talent Student Competition Award – Carbon Neutral Architecture for New Orleans, USA, students Katiuska Merino , faculty Thomas Spiegelhalter, USA.
2015, Winner of the International Award for Excellence for Volume 3 of The International Journal of the Constructed Environment. The Constructed Environment Knowledge Community “New Design Protocols for Industrial-scaled Modes of Production for Carbon Neutral Buildings.” The International Journal of the Constructed Environment is a peer-reviewed journal published by Common Ground Publishing, USA
2021, A.I.A. MIAMI 2021 Design Award-winning project by Master Students Ramses Allende, Diana Vazquez, Daniel Calero for Scientific Colony, FIU MIAMI CRUNCH Design Studio Prof Thomas Spiegelhalter, Carbon-positive, and resilient scenarios from now to 2100.
1994, Special Recognition Award for Media Center (Mediatek) Lörrach, Design Realization Competition Germany.

1994, Recognition Award, Regional Commission Building (Regierungspraesidium) Freiburg, Germany.

1994, Design Realization Competition Extension Mutual Savings Bank (Sparkasse) Schutterwald, Germany.

1993, Special Recognition Award for Library and Municipal Headquarter, Loerrach, Realization Competition, Germany

1993, First Prize, Zeche Osterfeld Oberhausen, Intl. Building Exhibition Emscher Park, IBA, w. P. Drecker, Germany.

1993, First Prize, Health Park Bottrop, Intl. Building Exhibition Emscher Park, IBA, w. P. Drecker (Landscape), Germany.

1993, Special Recognition Award, Institute of the Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Inner City Campus University of Freiburg, Nat’l Design Realization Competition. Germany.

1993, 3rd Prize, Helmholtzplatz Prenzlauer Berg Berlin, Int’l Urban and Landscape Design Realization Competition, 1993, Special Recognition Award for Kindergarten, andDaycare Offenburg, Nat’l Realization Competition, Germany.

1993, Special Recognition Award for High-School Building Design, Stühlingen, Realization Competition, Germany.

1992, 2nd Price for Russian Military Infrastructure Area Redevelopment Master Plan, Int’l Urban Competition, Magdeburg, Germany

1992, First Prize for Protestant Church, Conference Center Design, Bad Herrenalb, Nat’l Realization Competition, Germany.

1992, 2nd Prize, Municipality Town Hall Offenburg, Design Realization Competition, Germany.

1992, Special Recognition Award, Headquarter Sewage Treatment Demonstration Facility, Freiburg, Germany.

1992, First Prize, Karl-Hofer-Award Berlin for Research Realization Projects GRAVEL PIT ARCHITECTURE, , Berlin, , Germany.

1992, Recognition Award, Ecological Settlement Bahlingen- Riedlen, Urban Design Competition, w. G.Duerr, Germany.

1992, Special Recognition Award, Logo-Motiv, Urban design competition, Ecological settlement Weil , w. G. Duerr, , Germany.

1989, 2nd Prize, Public Art - District Office Building Design, Realization Competition, Freiburg, Germany.

1987, First Prize, Urbanization of the Berlin Wall between East and West, Intl Urban Design Competition, Germany

1986, First Schinkel Prize, Satellite District MaerkischesViertel Berlin Master Plan, Intl. Design Competition, Germany.

Studio Thomas Spiegelhalter + Associates

2005, Initiative Policy Briefing Award ($15k) Towards sustainable urban housing bridging the gap between community design and adaptable University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, USA.

2003, Solar Zero-Fossil-Energy-Building-Development, USC-Undergraduate Research Fund Award (SURG), Los Angeles, USA.

1999, DAAD USA Stipend AWARD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Stipend), German Academic Exchange Program for research faculty, Intl. Academic Co-operation Bonn, Germany, – New York, USA.

1988, Awarded Postgraduate Scholarship Award, University of the Arts Berlin, Master Program (Meisterschuelerstudium), Berlin, Germany.

1977, Pro Venetia Viva, Centro Europeo di Venezia - Awarded Scholarship by the UNESCO headquarter office, Italy.

Professional Awards (Selected)

Carbon-Neutral Design Projects L.L.C

2023, International Miami Floating Housing Idea Competition Awards, FIU Design Studio Prof. Thomas Spiegelhalter with students Francis Castro, Darlene González and Ana Lahoud in my FIU D10 Spiegelhalter Miami Beach Urban Studio won an Honourable Mention with MARE.VIVUM
2008, Greening Architecture, Ethics and the Environment, Sustainability Event Proposal, University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, Arts and Humanities Initiative Award, with Mina Chow , USA.

2007, Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation, University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles Future Fuels and Energy Initiative (FFEII) Applied Research Award, USA.

2006, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Third Prize California Architecture School Competitions for “EXPO – Sustainable High Rise Building”, Student Abdulatif Almishari, Faculty: Thomas Spiegelhalter, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.
Biography of Thomas Spiegelhalter (Principal)

Spiegelhalter has been a registered architect, engineer, town planner, and principal of "Thomas Spiegelhalter Studio + Associates" since 1990. He has realized built research work in Europe, North, Central, and South America, Asia, and Africa in numerous contextual solar, carbon-neutral, near zero-fossil-energy, passive, and low-energy building realizations projects; large-scale sustainability master planning, and consultancies, redevelopment projects for abandoned post-industrial architectures and landscapes, engineered suspension and 3- printed bridges and objects, sustainable retrofit and revitalization projects.

Many of his completed projects have been published in International anthologies of European and American Architecture such in "Contemporary European Architects, Volume V," 1997, Building a New Millennium 1999-2000″, both Benedict Taschen Publisher, in "Solar Architecture for Europe, Publisher Birkhäuser, 1996, in "The Architectural Review, on Ecology and Architecture," in 1998, in "Architectural Record- "DESIGN VANGUARD AWARD 2003 or in the monograph "Adaptable Technologies – Le tecnologie adattabili nelle architetture di Thomas Spiegelhalter," or Carbon-Neutral High-Rise projects by Franco Angeli Publisher, Rome-Milano, in 2008, 2020 and 2021, and hundreds of book chapters, journals, and research papers. Notable publications include "Post-Parametric Automation in Design and Construction" with A. Andia in 2014, and Winner of the International Award for Excellence for Volume 3 of The International Journal of the Constructed Environment on "New Design Protocols for Industrial-scaled Modes of Production for Carbon Neutral Buildings" in 2015.

From 1990 on, he has worked with numerous Universities in Germany, the US, UK, Italy, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and China to research multi-disciplinary ecological engineering projects worldwide. As a result of his 31 years of design and built work, professional consulting, and awarded research, teaching, Spiegelhalter has received 57 prizes, awards, and honors in European and US sustainability competitions individual and collaboration with landscape architects engineers..

Currently, he is a full professor, researcher, and the Co-Director of the Structures and Environmental Technologies Lab (SET) at the College of Architecture at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. In addition, he teaches graduate Sustainability, Resiliency and Digital Design Studios, Environmental Systems in Architecture, and Carbon-Neutral Building-City-Infrastructure Design courses at FIU and the Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) in South Beach.

Academic Appointments since 1990

2023 - Present Global Visiting Professorship at Keio University:Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Japan
'Envisioning Carbon-Positive Masterplans: Green-Blue Infrastructures and Adaptive Building Scenarios from 2018-2100.' This role encompasses research, presentations, workshops, and collaborations, particularly with Professor Wanglin Yan and their team at the Research Center for Climate Change Adaptation and the EcoGIS Lab, Faculty of Environmental Information Studies at Keio University.

2009 - ongoing ,Professorship at Florida International University, College of Architecture, Co-Director of the Structures and Environmental Technologies Lab, Miami, Florida, USA

2003-2009, Professorship at the University of Southern California (USC), School of Architecture, and Affiliate of the USC Energy Institute, USC Sustainable Cities Program, and USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina, L.A., USA

Spring 2006, Cass Gilbert Visiting Professor for Innovations in Sustainable Solar and Renewable Energy in Architecture, University of Minnesota, Center for Sustainable Building Research, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Spring 2000 - F 2002, Visiting Professor, Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics, Intelligent Workplace, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), School of Architecture and College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Summer 2000, Guest Professor, Universidad del Desino, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, San Jose, Costa Rica

Spring 2000, Call/Appointment for Tenured University Professor Position at the University Hanover Germany, Department for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Development, Germany

-Fall 1999, DAAD Visiting Professor at the University of Houston, G. Hines College of Architecture, Houston, TX, USA

-Fall 1992 - Spring 2000, Tenured Full-time C3-Professor at the University of Applied Science Leipzig (HTWK), Department of Architecture and Engineering, Germany

-Fall 1990 - Fall 1992, Half-time University Assistant Professor at the University of Kaiserlautern, Department of Architecture, Town & Environmental Planning and Civil Engineering, Germany

Multidisciplinary Professional Education (University Degrees)

-Master of Design, (Meisterschueler) University of the Arts in Berlin, Department of Architecture and Design, Germany
-Diplom-Designer, University of the Arts Berlin, Department of Design and Architecture, Germany
-Diplom-Ingenieur, Architecture, Engineer, and Town Planning, University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Department of Architecture and Town Planning, Germany

Other Professional Education (Degrees in the European Guild System )

-UNESCO Certificate ”Pro Venetia Viva”, Centro Europeo di Venezia per i Mestieri della Conservazione del Patrimonio Architettonico (European Foundation for Historic Preservation, Culture and Art), Venice, Italy, 1977
2018, Research/Creativity Award at Florida International University, College of Communication, Architecture and the Arts (CARTA), Miami, Spring 2018
2020, A.I.A. MIAMI 2020 Design Award-winning project by Master Thesis Student Amalia Tomey of FIU MIAMI CRUNCH Design Studio Prof Thomas Spiegelhalter, June 2020: This Project is part of the International Climate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices (CRUNCH) Research Projects and is sited in Miami as a case study area for a high rise building that addresses dynamic changes in sea level rise, storm surge, adaptive building structures for Renewable Energy, Water and Food using the Urban Living Lab (ULL) approach; identifying data and mapping baseline for the city’s needs, developing tools and framework, testing and analyzing data-driven models using different carbon-neutral, carbon-positive, and resilient scenarios from now to 2100.
2003, “DESIGN VANGUARD AWARD 2003, Ten firms shape the globe,” ARCHITECTURAL RECORD Magazine, Awarded firms: Open Office, SCDA Architects, Thomas Spiegelhalter Studio, Servo, Chiba Manabu Architects, Labics, MADA S.P.A.M., Merrima, Studio for Architecture, henegan.peng.architects, New York City, 12.03., USA.
2023, First prize in the International S.Arch 2023 Award for the Small Projects Competition for the AI Generatively Designed and topologically optimised "Hybrid Robot 3D-WAAM Printed 50m Long Steel Bridge Realisation" project in Germany. The project was presented at The 10th International Conference on Architecture and Built Environment with Architecture AWARDs held in Berlin on April 4th, 2023. The S.Arch Award Jury panel consisted of 20 members, including renowned architects such as Toyo Ito, Sou Fujimoto, Kengo Kuma from Japan, Vivian Lee from Richard Meier Partners in the USA, Viviana Muscettola from Zaha Hadid Architects, Philipp Rahm from France, Lars Krueckberg from GRAFT in Germany, Gieto Sugianto from Singapore, and Robert Greenwood from Snohetta. (International S.Arch 2023 Conference and Architecture Competition.) URL https://www.s-arch.net/page-2

2023, “African Property Awards for Sustainable Residential and Commercial Development for Rwanda 2023-2024”. I played a pivotal role in the development of the 42-hectare Vision City Phase 2 Smart City in Kigali, Rwanda. This project is a testament to carbon-neutral master planning and realisation. My contributions centred on integrating carbon-neutral, AI-ML-data-driven designs, and computer modelling, which were crucial in developing solar-powered residential units and dynamic mixed-use spaces. Collaborative efforts Ultimate Developers Ltd in Kigali with the 'datumzero Design Office,' under the leadership of PI Guillermo Garita, spanning NYC, San Jose/Costa Rica, and Kigali; CIEM's Alan Ocampo Guth in San Jose, Costa Rica; BA Ingeniería; and PPAR's Vargas Hidalgo & Dana Víquez Azofeifa, were instrumental in this project's success. Additionally, my work involved securing approval for Rwanda's first Solar Feed-In Tariff, furthering the project's sustainability goals.`` LINK: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/thomas-spiegelhalter-0b539710_congratulations-to-ultimate-developers-ltd-activity-7122386678937182208-TeDG?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

2022, Top Five Finalist Honour for the Generative Bio-Design proposal for the International Ciudad Gobierno Competition (Government District) in San Jose, Costa Rica: The squad: Thomas Spiegelhalter , (Miami Beach, USA, Berlin, Germany); Álvaro Rojas (San Jose); Mauricio Rojas (Bogota, Colombia); Haydée Cuadrado (San Jose), Landscape Architect; Melissa Pineda-Pinto (Dublin, Ireland); Jose Sandoval (San Jose), Structural Engineer; Javier Hernández (San Jose); Jordana Ramirez (San Jose); Esteban Lobo (San Jose); Nicolás Jáuregui (Bogota, Colombia); Erika Castro (San Jose), Urban Sociologist.
2003, MERITORIOUS AWARD, Sustainable Malama Campus High-School Kapolei, Hawaii, Int’l Arch. Design Competition, w. Ch. Kapeller, M. De Jarnett, USA.

2002, First Prize Intl. CONCOURS CONSTRUCTION ACIERS 2002, for Steel Suspension Bridge, Belgium-Luxembourg.

2001, 5th Prize, NEW PARK VISIONS, Invited Int’l Expert Design Competition w. P. Drecker (Landscape), Germany.

1999, 4th Prize, LE JARDIN DES DEUX RIVES Strasbourg, Intl Urban and Landscape Realization Competition, France.

1999, German Solar Recognition Award for Solar Town Houses in Ihringen, German Society for Solar Energy and International Solar Energy Society, DGS-ISES-Natl. Realization Competition, Eco-Test Report, Germany.

Biography - Awards

1998, 2nd prize, Redevelopment Master Plan Coal Mining Area of Espenhain-South Leipzig. National Expert Design Competition w. w. P. Drecker (Landscape) and Montana Property Development Society Berlin, Germany.

1995, 2nd Prize, Solar Middle and Highschool Ihringen by Freiburg, Design realization competition, Germany.

1995, 2nd Prize, Coal mining area Wattenscheid, Nat’l Expert Design Competition, w. P. Drecker (Landscape) Germany.

1994, German Architecture Recognition Award for Buildings in Concrete, Cultural Center Breisach, Cologne, Germany.
2017, EU Erasmus Stipend Award for University of Genoa, Italy. Link: http://cartanews.fiu.edu/professor-thomas-spiegelhalter-awarded-european-unions-erasmus-plus-grant-to-conduct-sustainability-design-research/
2016, Academic Design Research Award: FIU Perform(D)Ance House - Miami Business Award 2016 (w. M. Nepomechie, C. Rosalez, E. Peterson), USA.

2016, People’s Choice First Prize for Research Grant Co-PI in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Technology and Science, P3: “People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability in Washington, D.C., USA ,
Youtube Link Project Title: "On Track to Carbon Neutral Buildings"
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-2iG1IW8PU
Faculty: Nezih Pala, Thomas Spiegelhalter, Shu-Ching Chen, Ismail Guvenc, Dr. Yimin Zhu: PhD canditade Peeraya Inyim.

2011, Energy Balance First Prize (100% score), Solar Decathlon 2012 (Faculty for Energy Balance Simulations and Implementation Thomas Spiegelhalter, w. M. Nepomechie, C. Rosalez), Washington, USA.
Professional Practice (Selected)

1988-present, Studio Thomas Spiegelhalter, E.U.-Freiburg/Germany – Miami Beach/U.S.A, Founder, Principal, Executive Architect, Engineer, and Town Planner: Sustainable and carbon neutral design, resilient master planning of large scale urban systems and low carbon buildings, re-adaptive-use, resource efficiency retrofits and POE’s, sustainability and resiliency, associative and parametric simulation and modelling, optimization BIM consulting projects.
See firm web page at DESIGN VANGUARD 2003 “10 firms shape the world”, Architectural Record, New York City, USA, http://archrecord.construction.com/projects/portfolio/archives/0312index.asp

Professional Status (Selected)

1990-present, Registered Architect, Engineer and Town Planner, in all European Union States, 10/06/85 No. 85/384 EWG0
1989-present, Registered Architect and Town Planner, Germany, BW AL No. 37201
1986-present, Distinguished Member (Friedrich Schinkel Prize) of the Architecture and Engineer Society Berlin
1999-present, Member, International Solar Energy Society, ISES, and American Solar Energy Society --2006-present, Scientific Committee Member, Bruno Zevi Foundation, Rome, Italy.
2006-present, Member of A.C.E., Architects’ Council of Europe
2005-present, Scientific DiTAC Working Group Member of URBACT, European Program for Sustainable Development
2004-present, Accredited Professional Member, L.E.E.D., Leadership in Energy, Environment and Design, USGBC, U.S. Green Building Council

Summary of Professional Awards, Prizes, Honors (Chronological selected in reverse order)

55 awards, prizes and honors (international, national, regional, academic)

Academic Awards (Selected)