Special Recognition Award in the realization design competition "Kindergarten and Daycare" in Offenburg, Germany with W. van Aaken

Special Recognition Award in the Design Realization Competition for a new building and public park system for the "Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmacology" in the institute area of Freiburg, Germany


Solar decathlon design, programming and realization of a 950 sf2 two storey Solar Zero-Fossil-Energy- Demonstration Building ,Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington D.C., Sponsors: NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. DOE, EPA, Solar BP, Heinz Endowment, etc. Solar Building Post-Occupancy Monitoring Report, “Solar Decathlon 2002”, DOE/GO-102004-1845, June 2004, Faculty Advisors Thomas Spiegelhalter and Steve Lee, CMU students, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture, Pittsburg, PA, USA
Planning and Realization project of a workshop plant, office building with apartments in low energy construction with integrated passive and active solar systems in Auggen, Southwest-Germany, with U. Graffelder and D. Stark (Basel, Switzerland)


Building extension in low energy construction in March, Germany

German Recognition Award for the Solar Townhouses Ihringen, DGS-Competition (The German Society for Solar Energy)



Sustainability Building Rating and Guideline Development, Post-Occupancy Evaluation Methodologies.Resource and Retrofit Energy Efficiency Building Rating System Development and Implementation for all new and renovated Catalina Island Facilities and Houses. Client: The Catalina Island Sustainability Action Group, Members: Catalina Island Conservancy, Santa Catalina Island Company, other SAG members include: City of Avalon, Catalina Chamber of Commerce, LA County, Southern California Edison, USC, Project evaluation area: 194.19 km2 with 146 total buildings. PI: Th. Spiegelhalter


Studio Thomas Spiegelhalter + Associates




Sustainable Building Design

Shanghai Expo 2010, Master Plan, Pruxi Park, China. Size: 480 hectares Client and Collaborators: Urban Land Institute for Construction and Design, Shanghai; Peter Drecker, Office for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Development, Bottrop-Hanover-Berlin, Germany with Architect Thomas Spiegelhalter, Freiburg- Los Angeles. Phase 1: Theme Park Development and Massing with Climate Responsive Urban Master



DESIGN VANGUARD 2003 AWARD, “10 firms shape the globe”, Studio Thomas Spiegelhalter, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD Magazine, New York City, Dec., 2003, The McGraw-Hill Construction Companies http://archrecord.construction.com/projects/portfolio/archives /0312index.asp , USA

Programming, Design and Planning Project Study Three Storey Experimental Solar Town Houses in Duisburg, Germany, (Completed) Project Architect Thomas Spiegelhalter


Three Out of Two - New Concepts for Wood Buildings, Between Practice and Teaching, New Approaches for Building in a Time of Low Public Budgets", Workshop and Exhibition of new concept designs for prefabricated wood building systems by HTWK Leipzig, TH Darmstadt and Frankfurt, Sponsored by AEDES Berlin, City Department of Frankfurt, City of Frankfurt, Kerto International and the German Forest Economy (Forstabsatzfonds), Bonn, Germany


Finalist International Design Competition Contribution “Re-development Spielbudenplatz Hamburg-Reeperbahn”, in cooperation with P. Drecker, Office for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Development, Bottrop-Hanover-Berlin, Prof. Timm Ulrichs, Germany
Concurso Para Propuesta De Conceptualizacion - Nuevo Edificio Del Museo Del Jade Del Instituto Nacional De Seguros, National Design Competition Coordinates: 47°35' N, 7°37' E, 263m a.s.l., City: San Jose, Costa Rica. Client: Ministry of Public Works; Program: 25,000 m2. Collaboration: Alvaro Rojas Fo-RoARQuitectos Fournier-Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica. Thomas Spiegelhalter (Architecture,Bioclimatic Design, Environmental Controls), Miami Beach, USA


2nd prize in the realization design competition for an "elementary and high school" in Ihringen by Freiburg, Germany
"Intelligent Buildings - Klimawerkzeug Architektur", traveling exhibition with the University of Kaiserslautern, Department of Architecture and Town Planning, in the gallery "Der Raum", Darmstadt and AEDES Berlin, Publishing House J. Haeusser, Darmstadt, Germany


International Workshop "Critical appropriation of architecture in the former East Germany (DDR) by the example of the Karl-Marx-Allee Berlin" for a sustainable urban redevelopment multistory housing and working project concept of the former Stalin Alee, Organizer & Promoter: Hessian and Berlin Architect Organization with the Federal German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt; Germany, participants: Harrisson Studio San Diego, USA, Karavan, Paris etc.
Proposal for Los Angeles State Historic Park Conceptual Design Competition, Southern California, USA, Project Collaborators: : Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Suisman Urban Design, Hodgetts + Fung, Judith F. Baca –SPARC, Specialists: Thomas Spiegelhalter LEED AP, Office of Mobile Design, Deborah Murphy Urban Planning & Design, BlueGreen / Lynne Dwyer ASLA, Withers and Sandgren, Greg Hise, Jenny Price, Community Arts Resources, Economic Research Associates, KPFF Civil Engineering, KPFF Structural Engineering, Davis Langdon Adamson, all Los Angeles, USA
Parametric-Algorithmic Energy and Resource Efficiency BIM-CFD modeling and benchmarking of an Non-disclosure (NDA) based governmental, 25,000 m2 (250,000 sf) high rise office building in Central America




2004, Meritorious Award in the International Design Competition for the Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Malama Learning Center, Maui, Hawaii, USA, 25.000 sf2 facility on a three acre campus parcel with Ecosystem Learning and Demonstration Modules, in collaboration with Christoph Kapeller (USC) and Mitchell de Jarnett (CalPoly Pomona)
Simulation and 3D-Design for a 400 m (1312 feet) three array 117 kWp Photovoltaic System and Sound Protection Wall Realization Project along the ‘Autobahn 28’
City: Bottrop, Germany, Client: Innovation City Management GmbH, Bottrop
Landscape Architecture: Peter Drecker, Bottrop, Germany
Design: PV-Architecture: Thomas Spiegelhalter, Miami-Freiburg
Design and improvement study of the public suspension railway system Wuppertal, Germany

Designing and planning of experimental prefabricated, sustainable mixed use four-storey solar townhouses in low energy construction with passive and active solar systems, recycling systems and construction, rainwater storage systems in the new district Freiburg-Rieselfeld, Germany, partly under EU Support for the solar systems "Research THERMIE", 1996-1997
German Architecture Recognition Award for Buildings of Concrete 1993, Cologne, Germany 1992 Low cost redevelopment project, of a office two storey market in Breisach with experimental and innovative use of recycling materials and integration of solar systems

Low cost redevelopment project for a squash and tennis center in Weil am Rhein, Germany, artistic, architectural and building infrastructure reorganization with new ventilation, heating and cooling system, visual & audiovisual communication and information design system

Expert concept planning for a conversion and expansion of the fair and leisure center in Lörrach, Germany with a new fair tower, service zones, a function building, overnight stay sections, and a discotheque with a new visual & audiovisual communication and information design system


DESIGN VANGUARD AWARD 2003, 10 firms shape the globe. ARCHITECTURAL RECORD Magazine, New York City. International Competition, Open. (Other awarded architect firms included: Dean Quingin Ma, M.A.D.A Spam, Shanghai-Los Angeles, Open Office - New York City, SCDA Architects – Singapore, servo - Los Angeles, Zurich, New York, Stockholm, Chiba Manabu Architects – Tokyo, Labics – Rome, Merrima Aboriginal Design - Sydney, Australia, Studio for Architecture - Buffalo, N.Y., Heneghan Peng Architects - Dublin, Ireland).


3d-LED Signage Information & Orientation Systems for Santa Monica College Campus Building, Collaboration with Tyron J. Drake, and Gregg Lewis of Golden Cane Advertising, Los Angeles, USA. Completed
Two-phase International Urban Design Realization Competition Redevelopment Alexanderplatz Berlin, Urban High-Rise Building Design Proposal by Thomas Spiegelhalter with Peter Drecker (Landscape Architect), and GreenBox, Germany

Carbon-Neutral Design Projects L.L.C

Participation in the International Design Realization Competition for the "Constantini Art Museum", Buenos Aires, Argentina
Concept planning and realization of landscape and pavilion sculptures for the temporary Federal Country Garden Show and for the public health park in Bottrop 1999, International Building Exhibition Emscher Park (IBA) project

Design, concept and realization planning of prefabricated timber frame semi-detached Solar Townhouses Ihringen in low energy construction with integrated passive and active solar systems, Germany
Research project for a development of application passive and active Solar Energy Systems in cooperation with Fraunhofer's Institute forSolar Energy Systems Leipzig and Freiburg, Promoted Research Project by the Saxon Ministry of State, Germany

Experimental planning project for the transformation of a former four side farmer facility to a mixed use off grid solar low energy living and working facility in Rackwitz, Germany with recycelt infrastructure, construction and materials from the surrounding abandoned coal mining area, water recycling, and green roofs in collaboration with Prof. Dr. W. Lewitzki
Special Recognition Award in the Design Realization Competition for a new Public Library and Media Center Building in Lörrach, Germany

Special Recognition Award in the Design Realization Competition for a new High School Building in Stühlingen, Germany

Conceptual design revision and planning of the whole landscape and building facilities of the former protestant church and conference place in Bad Herrenalb, Germany
Consultancy, Energy/Thermal BIM Resource Modeling Projects in Chile. FIU Energy Saving/CO2 reduction project day with the team of the Universidad Austral de Chile sponsored by the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) with Camilo Rosales, Jason Biondi, Carolina Sepulveda, Manuel Piucol, Alex Becker in Valdivia, Chile.


Expert redevelopment and concept workshop in the residential district of Leipzig-Gruenau, Germany, redesigning of disposable eight by ten storeys tower dwelling blocks, Project Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Environmental Planning Bonn, Building and Construction Industry and Urban Development Bonn represented by the City of Leipzig, Germany

Bank and Post Building, Neustadt. Renovation, conversion 80.000 sf2, Project Architect: Th. Spiegelhalter, Structural Engineer: H, Rheinberger, Germany. Completed




Parametric-Algorithmic AI-assisted Resource Efficiency BIM-CFD analysis and optimizations for the “Legislative Assembly (High-Rise) - Asamblea Legislativa (Edificio),” (28,000 m2, 22 floors) in San Jose, Costa Rica. Client: Government of Costa Rica, Arch. J. Salinas, Coordination Novatecnia, San Jose. Consultancy for analysis, coding, optimizations, benchmarking for daylight, solar heliostat design, reflectors, natural atrium-circulation, humidity, HVAC ventilation control simulations, comfort automation, carbon-neutral and solar renewable energy systems.
Images and Figures are from the Facade Tectonics World Conference, LA,2020.




High-rise satellite district Märkisches Viertel Berlin (11.000 housing units). International Schinkel Prize competition realization involvement. Project Beiratsverfahren Gisel Task Force for Wohnumfeld Charly-Chaplin-Schule, Kita, Turnhalle. Client: GeSoBau Berlin in collaboration with the German Ministry for Building and Town Planning, GeSoBauBerlin; Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. Project Coordinator: GeSoBau Berlin, others.



Office and Warehouse. Breisach, 12,000 sf2. Low cost, energy-efficiency renovation, re-development, and solar PV systems implementation project with solar electrical car charging station. PI Architect: Th. Spiegelhalter, Structural Engineer: H. Rheinberger, Germany. Completed.


"Gravel Pit Architecture Projects" Thomas Spiegelhalter – Exhibition in the Architecture Gallery AEDES in Berlin, Germany.



Development of a 42-hectare Vision City Phase 2 Smart City in Kigali, Rwanda, carbon-neutral master planning and realisation. Studio Spiegelhalter’s contributions are centred on integrating carbon-neutral, AI-ML-data-driven designs, and computer modelling, which were crucial in developing solar-powered residential units and dynamic mixed-use spaces. Project received so far the 2023,“African Property Awards for Sustainable Residential and Commercial Development for Rwanda 2023-2024”. Collaborative efforts Ultimate Developers Ltd in Kigali with the 'datumzero Design Office,' under the leadership of PI Guillermo Garita, spanning NYC, San Jose/Costa Rica, and Kigali; CIEM's Alan Ocampo Guth in San Jose, Costa Rica; BA Ingeniería; and PPAR's Vargas Hidalgo & Dana Víquez Azofeifa, were instrumental in this project's success. Additionally, my work involved securing approval for Rwanda's first Solar Feed-In Tariff, furthering the project's sustainability goals.
First Prize in the Design Realization Competition for a new Building Complex with a new Church and a Conference Center for the Southwest German Protestant Church Organization in Bad Herrenalb, Southwest Germany

Designing and planning of an Experimental Solar Low Energy "Cultural Center" for mixed use of working and living with an integrated media exhibition and performance hall, partly assembled and constructed with recycling materials and constructions from nearby gravel pit plants, green roofs, passive and active solar systems, rainwater harvesting, in Breisach, Rhine, Germany
Teatro Regional de La Serena, Chile, International Design Competition. City: La Serena. Sponsor: Ministry of Public Works, Chilean Government. Program size: 8,600 m2. Large theatre for 1,000 and small theatre for 300 ppl. Estimated construction costs: $25 Mio. Design Team: Architecture: Alfredo Andia, Gregorio Vasquez, Fernando Palma. Bioclimatic design, calculations and parametric simulations: Thomas Spiegelhalter. Acoustical engineer: Andres Barrera. Project YouTube link:
Design, concept planning and realization of five low cost timber frame multistory houses in low energy construction with integrated passive and active solar systems in Stegen near Freiburg, Germany
2nd Prize in the Design Realization Competition for a new 'Municipality Town Hall in Offenburg, Germany

Special Recognition Award in the Design Realization Competition for a new Headquarter and Sewage Treatment Facility for the Sewage Federation Breisgauer Bay in Freiburg, Germany

Karl-Hofer-Award Berlin for the Research and Realization Project Gravel Pit Architecture

"Gravel Pit Architecture" Exhibition in the Gallery AEDES in Berlin

Expert design for the transformation of 115 meter high cement cilo infrastructures of Ciments d ' Origny d ' Altkirch / Alsace-France, Paris,

Recognition Award in the Urban Design Competition for a new ecological settlement with low-energy systems in Bahlingen Riedlen, with town planner G. Duerr

Special Recognition Award in the Urban Design Competition for a new ecological settlement "Logo motive" in Weil am Rhein, with town planner G. Duerr
Design Realization Competition for Town Houses in Berlin in collaboration with Prof. Lewitzki
X-Loft NFPA 92 / EN12101-6 CFD Analysis and Design Optimizations for a Pressurized Smokeproof Building Circulation, Corridors and Enclosure: Location and Client Javier Salinas Architects, San Jose, Costa Rica. Completed.
Participation in the nationwide traveling exhibition, "Under The Sun - An Outdoor Exhibition", with a solar building project, Cooper-Hewitt-National Design Museum New York and Washington, Sponsors: BP Solar America, U.S. DOE, EPA etc., 1998-2001
Finalists at the International Building Exhibition Competition (IBA) Fürst-Pückler-Land “Landmark Lausitzer Seenland”, brown field reclamation project: Out viewtower with a zerofossil fuel powered restaurant, Germany, Project Architect: Thomas Spiegelhalter, Los Angeles, Landscape Design: Peter Drecker, Bottrop-Hanover, and Greenbox, Duesseldorf, Germany
Consultancy, Energy/Thermal BIM Resource Modeling Project for Brazilian Maternity Hospital. FIU Energy Saving/CO2 reduction project day with the team of the Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG) sponsored by the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) with Pablo Paulse, Paulo Araujo, Camila Pompeo in Goiania, Brazil. Location: 16° 35' 46.1699" S, 49° 19' 51.0031" W
Planning and Realization, project transformation of an experimental gravel pit and cement factory and landscape conversion Weil am Rhein for leisure activities and art exhibitions for the German Country Garden Show Weil am Rhein 1999 (completion), in cooperation with TÜV Southwest, promoted by the Federal Organization of the German Gravel and Sand Industry, German organization of transport concrete, Southwest-Cement Stuttgart, Country district of Baden Württemberg and the town organization of Weil a. Rh

Expert and feasibility study for the "Building evaluation and reactivation of the abandoned cement factory infrastructure of the Country Federal Garden Show Weil / Rhine" Client: City of Weil of Rhine, Germany

Participation in the International Design Realization Competition for the "Art Museum Linz" Austria


Designing, planning and realization of two experimental low energy houses in the ecological building exhibition in Quasnitz, Lütschena by Leipzig, Germany


Finalists CalTrans Zero-Fossil-Energy-Green-Rest-Stop-Facililities and Infrastructure, California, International Competition Contribution, California, Project Architects: Thomas Spiegelhalter, Aaron Bentley, Los Angeles, USA, Assistant: Tarek Baker, MBS USC; USA, Landscape Design: Peter Drecker, Hanover, Germany
Solar-Zero-Fossil-Energy-Building-Prototype-Development and realization project with USC Students, LADWP, Golden Energy Santa Monica, HyperCision Aspen, USC Building Science Lab, and others, Los Angeles, Southern California, USA
Buildings account for about 40% energy consumption in the EU.. The EU has set the goal of reducing energy consumption in the building sector to 10% by 2050, overall sectors to 20%, relative to the 1990 baseline.
The recent and rapid development of parametric design tools, self-learning algorithmic tools, design protocols, and coding and digital fabrication has informed a transformative change in carbon neutral building design. This change will in turn radically alter the way Architects, Engineers, Construction (AEC) industries and planning societies function. These changes are occurring within the context of interoperable frameworks of integrated and intelligent design workflows, and enable collaborative technology design, practice, research, education and carbon-neutrality benchmarking. These new, intelligent protocols, design coding and digital manufacturing, can and will help architects and manufacturers to improve their productivity in both carbon-neutral planning and production processes and move ultimately move whole societies towards efficiently operated buildings and cities.
Uxarrací Project for a post professional training center for architects and engineers in Costa Rica.Request for proposal (RFP) - PI: (árq)² FOurnier-ROjas ARQuitectos. Co-PI: Thomas Spiegelhalter for bioclimatic environmental design.