Studio Thomas Spiegelhalter + Associates


Expert planning for the reclamation and redesign of a 634 md long and 66 m high steel promoting bridge (2) of the abandoned coal mining area in Zwenkau by Leipzig as a Expo-Application-Project in order of the administration office of South Leipzig Area, Germany
Hybrid freelancing and industrial archeology - ecological , urban redevelopment projects of abandoned industrial sites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.




Research Project: Siemens Digital (Self-Learning) Factories and Automation: Automated System Optimization via Genetic Algorithms. Digital Factory Design and Operation with PLM Software: Chapter 12: Siemens Digital (Self-Learning) Factories and Automation: Automated System Optimization via Genetic Algorithms by Thomas Spiegelhalter.


Planning and Realization, project transformation of an experimental gravel pit and cement factory and landscape conversion Weil am Rhein for leisure activities and art exhibitions for the German Country Garden Show Weil am Rhein 1999 (completion), in cooperation with TÜV Southwest, promoted by the Federal Organization of the German Gravel and Sand Industry, German organization of transport concrete, Southwest-Cement Stuttgart, Country district of Baden Württemberg and the town organization of Weil a. Rh., Germany.
Generative Design and AI topologically planned and optimized 50 m Wire ARC Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) 3-D printed, stainless steel pedestrian and bicycle bridge globally. Location: Transformed 36 hectare Post-Industrial Area in the Ruhr Valley, Germany. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for any bridge project details. (In progress, completion end of 2022. More details will be released in 2022, TBA).
Expert planning for the reclamation and redesign of a 547 m long and 74 m high steel promoting bridge (1) of the abandoned coal mining area in Klettwitz, Brandenburg in the abandoned coal mining area", as an Expo-Application-Project in cooperation with the landscaping architects Löwe and the Federal Office Kleine Elster, Brandenburg, Germany


Research Project: Automated Fabrication and Assembly: Sekisui Heim, Tokyo, Japan. Thomas Spiegelhalter collaborated with Jun Furuse, and Masayuki Katano from the fully Automated Fabrication and Robot Assembly of Sekisui Heim in Tokyo-Kurohama, Japan, a worldwide leader in automated robot-driven house assembly. Sekisui produces around 13,000 energy-efficient, customized, and prefabricated homes per year, which range from one to three stories. Each day, Sekisui outputs approximately ten three-story houses per automation and robot assembly. The houses are then transported to the job site and assembled in only one day. In Japan, most prefabricated houses are manufactured by using automation, service robotics, and other advanced assistance technologies. The steady success of the main players in Japan’s prefabrication industry like Sekisui Heim, Daiwa House, and Toyota Production System (TPS) demonstrate decades of reliable products and services in the mass customized housing kit industry. Sekisui has one of the world’s most advanced 3-D-/4-D BIM allowing more than 90% of all generic or individual designs and parts-related information to be directly translated into production and assembly operations.

Carbon-Neutral Design Projects L.L.C

Karl-Hofer-Award Berlin for the Research, Exhibition and Realization Project Gravel Pit Architecture; "Gravel Pit Architecture" Exhibition in the Gallery AEDES in Berlin

Industrial Infrastructures


Expert and feasibility study for the "Building evaluation and reactivation of the abandoned cement factory infrastructure of the Country Federal Garden Show Weil / Rhine" Client: City of Weil of Rhine, Germany in-Halle-Hannover-Bottrop, Client: Montan Property Development Society, Berlin

"Beryl A" multimedia installation of a physical and virtual infrastructure town landscape in the year 3000, art museum "Kunstverein" Freiburg; Architecture Forum Freiburg; Gallery Blau, Freiburg, Germany; supported by: Government Committee Freiburg, Architect Organization Südbaden, Art Society Freiburg, Building and Construction Trade and the Industry in South West Germany