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Studio Thomas Spiegelhallter and Carbon-Neutral Design Projects L.L.C. is an interdisciplinary group of dedicated collaborating professionals, and researchers working worldwide to engage environmentally sensitive solutions in creating sustainable, carbon neutral and resilient built environments. Spiegelhalter Associates rely on its experienced and constantly expanding network of specialists from varying disciplines.

Carbon-Neutral Design Projects L.L.C. offers services in:
  • Occupancy-based Carbon Neutral, Passive-, Low-, and Net-Zero Fossil Energy Building Design, Retrofitting and Project Planning in all climate classification systems,
  • Large Scale Resilient, Carbon-Neutral Urban Master Planning and Landscape Design and BIM modeling,
  • Public-, Exhibition- and Industrial Design,
  • Redevelopment and Transformation Design of abandoned Urban and/or Industrial Areas,
  • Associative-Parametric, Mixed Renewable Energy Systems Integration Development,
  • Environmental Design Feasibility Analysis, Optimizations BIM Studies and Design Guidelines and Handbooks
  • Sustainable Design / BIM Training and Education, World Green Building Project Certifications and Benchmarking,
  • Green Charettes, Competitions, Design and Construction, Documentation Support, Generative, Associative Parametric-Algorithmic Energy & Resource Use, Scenario and Optimization Modeling, BIM Programming and POE’s to private, commercial, governmental, utility, and research clients, and developers.

Studio Thomas Spiegelhallter and Carbon-Neutral Design Projects L.L.C. solve the complex needs of our clients with a holistic multidisciplinary approach to innovation while appealing to the emotional desires of clients. Our experimental design and planning projects create results that enriches the world, increase the pulse rate, and bring a smile to the lips. Fees for design, engineering and planning services are often negotiated based on a percentage of project cost and depend on the scope of the project and the degree of specialized designing and/or engineering required. Short-term assignments and consulting work are often undertaken on an hourly basis.

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Studio Thomas Spiegelhalter + Associates
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